Me and Mine – August 2016


February 2015 was the last time we did a Me and Mine portrait. I thought we should get a few in before we have a new addition… this picture was taken in the same spot at my sister’s house as one we took in May 2013. I love the fact that Chiplet couldn’t put the panda down for the photo. He always goes straight to the spare room at my sister’s to pick him up and give him cuddles.



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Wild Camping Close to Home


Ah how we do love to camp in our family. It can sometimes feel like  bit of a chore getting loaded up and heading for a long drive though; so when we  were given the chance to camp in a friend’s field just up the road we grabbed it with both hands.

We are lucky enough to have a camper van, so come rain or shine we know we can always be dry and warm at least!


The spot has its own firepit and slide and we took our hammock and hitched it up to the trees. It was so lovely to have no distractions and just spend some family time BBQ-ing sausages and toasting marshmallows. Bliss! My little superman loved it as well.



Finding Out at the 20 Week Scan


The first time I was pregnant with Chiplet, there was never any question about finding out the gender of the baby. My husband (or boyfriend at the time) and I both wanted a surprise. I remember there being little doubt in my mind (or heart) that it was a boy that I was carrying though. I just felt like I was going to have a son and I even had a dream about his face.

wriglet 20 week scan

So this time around, we wanted to find out what we were having; mostly because Chiplet seemed convinced that he only wanted a brother. Once he realised he couldn’t choose, he then moved onto being convinced it was a little sister “because I am a boy Mummy and it must be a girl.”

So we set off for our 20 week scan today and everything was where it should be. We have a very wriggly little one – so the nickname Wriglet is really quite apt. It turns out that Wriglet doesn’t want us to know. The Ultrasound Technician hazarded a guess, but was not willing to stand by it due to too much movement.

I think I know in my heart what we are having though.


What Chiplet Loved (March 2015-June 2016)


It’s been a while…. precisely 16 months since I posted a What Chiplet Loved. I took a break from blogging but didn’t take a break from photographing my son.. so I thought I would do a quick catch up of what he has loved for the past 16 months!

Warning ….rather large photo collage coming… thank goodness for picmonkey:

first half collage

  1. March 2015 – My birthday present
  2. April 2015 – Crimdon Dene beach
  3. May 2015 – Charlotte’s Icecream Parlous
  4. June 2015 – Tiny cows
  5. July 2015 – Indoor rainbows
  6. August 2015 – Sticky Weetabix
  7. September 2015 – Hitting the water
  8. October 2015 – Working hard with Daddy

second half collage9. November 2015 -Being independent
10.December 2015 – Turning 3!
11. January 2016 – Cuddly toys and bed
12. February 2016 – The washing basket car
13. March 2016 – Easter gifts
14. April 2016 – The narrow gauge train at Betws-y-coed
15. May 2016 – Giant burgers and chips
16. June 2016 – Dipping toes in the water at Bolton Abbey

So that about brings us up to speed with what Chiplet has been loving!

what chiplet loved button 120


A Trip to Bolton Abbey


We live about 20 minutes from one of the most spectacular sights in Yorkshire; The stunning grounds of Bolton Abbey Estate. I remember heading here as a child with my brother and Nana and paddling in the river then daringly crossing the stepping stones and having a picnic in the sunshine.

Bolton Abbey Main

With some visitors to Yorkshire staying with us, a visit to Bolton Abbey was top of the list, especially since the sun was shining high in the sky and we had a bucket BBQ to test out.

Situation just north of Ilkley and Skipton in Wharfedale, North Yorkshire, the site has the ruins of a 12th-century Augustinian monastery. As well as the priory, there is a small village with cafes and shops, loads of walking trails and a fairly new Welly Walk for the little ones.

Bolton Abbey

We parked in the village car park, but ended up walking to the Riverside car park as that is the only place where you are allowed to have a BBQ. If you want to BBQ, then definitely park there in the first place as it is a bit of a walk for little legs.

The water was chilly but pretty clear and there were tons of families cooling down in the afternoon sun. We did the rather brilliant Welly Walk which looks like it is only on until October 2016. There are series of obstacles in the woods which challenge big and little kids. Chiplet loved the snake maze – where you had to turn back if there was a snake in your way.

I loved being able to take my son to a place that meant so much to me as a child and really wish my Mum and Nana were still around to see the joy on his face when he was skimming stones and paddling. I think perhaps carrying him across the stepping stones whilst 14 weeks pregnant wasn’t the wisest move… I got a bit wobbly in the middle – didn’t realise how far apart the stones were to be honest until I got halfway across.

We will definitely be heading back later in the summer with Grandparents in tow and another BBQ and picnic.