Brrrrr Brilliant Burner


After getting back from travelling the world and generally much warmer climates, we were a bit worried about surviving a Yorkshire winter….

Our house has always had a rubbish old electric fire which made a noise and not much heat – so decided to get ourselves and log burner and knock out the fireplace – you can see the progression below.

The old electric fire and surround

The hole!

Testing out the burner

Final Fireplace - complete with our alternative Christmas message (an anagram which was updated by all our visitors over 'Shit Scram' or 'Mist Crash'.. etc.etc)

Toasty toasty toasty… sometimes even a little too toasty… like when we have more than 6 people in the front room! But I think I would rather be too hot than too cold… you can always de-layer I suppose!


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