The Best Proposal Ever?


I read books, I love books, books are my thing!

When I opened my final Christmas present from my boyfriend this year, it was a book… but one we already had…. and one that was not particularly good. The book in question was “My Legendary Girlfriend” by Mike Gayle.

My first thought was that maybe it was a sweet symbolic gesture… then I saw a picture of me on the inside front cover… thinking perhaps he had made a scrapbook… then I spotted the centre pages.

Proposing with a book…. perfect! and he chose the gorgeous ring himself!

p.s the answer was of course yes!


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  1. Congratulations, so pleased for you!

    You’ve got all that fun to come now, of planning the wedding and the build up – jealous! One thing I’d say is, make sure the wedding is what YOU want, not everyone else, we loved our wedding but we did do the traditional thing to a certain extent, and looking back now we both say we’d do it so differently!

    Love from Helen & Rich xxx

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