Dinky Thinks Theatre Review: Beauty and The Beast


Image from Northern Ballet

I have only been to the ballet once before – to see Matthew Bourne’s Edward Scissorhands at The Alhambra in Bradford (which was inspired!) This year I decided to treat my boyfriend, Dad and Dad’s girlfriend to tickets to The Leeds Grand to see Beauty and The Beast, the new production from Northern Ballet.

We started badly, as I was a little distracted by my recent engagement and misread the time on the tickets… we rather mortifyingly turned up after the performance had started (don’t you hate those people) and were astounded to be let in by the usher. Much grumbling and rustling ensued, but as we settled down, I was mesmerised. We had only missed a tiny little part of the start and were straight into Beauty and her father recieving her sisters who had been on a BIG shopping spree – which eventually ended in the baliffs turning up to cast the whole family out to live in a car.

I am not entirely sure how Beauty’s Dad came to promise one of his daughters to the fantastically creepy Beast, but I am glad he did – as once in the Beast’s castle, the sets were even more fabulous than at the start and the costumes too.

The performance borrows various songs from other ballets, including Saint-Säens, Bizet and Debussy and the Sinfonia were acoustically great. I just loved it and would recommend it to anyone. Just make sure you check the time on the tickets!

Beauty and the Beast is now on tour. Click here to see where it will be this year and get there if you can!


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