Restaurant Review – Rasoi Great Horton


Oooo this is my first restaurant review on Dinky Thinks! Exciting… and probably the first of many as I do like to eat out!

The Boy and I like to support local businesses… and boy does Bradford need support for local businesses. There are places closing down every week, from small businesses, up to the larger retailers and we are in need of some business minds. There is an excellent blog on this via the Bradfordia Blog

One thing we are not short of is Indian and Pakistani restaurants. We are stones’ throw from the famous Prashad (who featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Best Kitchen) and Omar Khans is a favourite or ours. Mumtaz is just down the hill (although we are not big fans) and we have heaps of places to choose from.

Around Christmas, a new kid opened up on our block. Rasoi is located right on the traffic lights at Great Horton and occupies a former pub site. Offering a Halal menu and a takeaway service, we had passed the shiny new sign and not seen many customers inside so decided to give them a try in the interests of the local economy and satisfying our curiosity.

Rasoi's interior

We visited on a Tuesday evening in a group of three and were the only sit in customers. The owners were fantastically friendly and courteous.

The décor is very red and very new and they did have a state of the art soundsystem, underfloor heating and televisions installed – sadly the scummers of the area decided to break in 3 times in 5 weeks – yes that is 3 TIMES in 5 weeks and have stolen the copper pipes flooding the floor and ruining the oak slats, then ripped the TV and the socket out of the wall…. Arrrrghhh!

Abid and his business partner are soldiering on though and offering some delicious food. We opted for a drink from the non alcoholic menu (a strawberry lassi, Shirley temple and council pop) and have some free poppoadoms to munch on whilst we checked out the menu. The menu is quite small; which I don’t think is a bad thing to be honest; a lot of places in Bradford have soooo many items you just get lost trying to find anything you fancy.

They do have some English dishes on there – not so random when you think that there is a large asian population in this area that might fancy a change from traditional cuisine. To start with, we wanted the Dhai Bhaley (fried lentil dumplings) but they didn’t have an :(. We went instead for a Samosa Chat (meat samosa with chick pea salad) and a Papri Chat (fried crispy dumplings with chickpea salad). Both were delicious and fresh tasting… quite spicy and very tasty indeed.

Samosa Chat

For main course we choose the Tarka Daal (lentils infused with spices), Achari Ghost (lamb with spicy pickle) and a Lamb Special Balti – accompanied by roti. All was tasty and pretty blummin spicy too… we could barely finish it all! At this point I should say that

Rasoi have a special offer on at the moment for a free desert when ordering a main course. They have a selction of English and Asian deserts. We were so pogged that we all went for the relatively light pistachio kulfi (traditional Indian icecream) but I otherwise would have gone for the Gulab Jammon…. Next time maybe!

Verdict: I would definitely go back and try the Palak Paneer next time. I wish them loads of luck and encourage people to support their local eateries when you can…. You might have a gem on your doorstep!


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