Dinky Thinks: Cannon Mills: treasure trove


I never thought I would live in Bradford – but that’s what love does to you! And now I actually love Bradford…. It has a lot going for it, – a National Museum, a University, a new City Park (which looks ace) and it’s the Curry Capital of the UK!

It just needs a bit of help… financially and in terms of community solidarity … if I hear one more resident moan about how sh*te it is.. so help me….

Anyway. One of things I love about Bradford is Cannon Mills. I’m fortunate enough to  live within stumbling distance of this crazy, busy and bizarre Sunday market. The home of many many many toilet rolls and many many may truly ugly bedspreads – if you dig a little deeper, you will find hidden treasure.

From the material stall that sells at 30p a yard, to the fantastic array of broken biscuits and sweets from your childhood through to some quite decent crafty and ribbony stalls – it’s a pleasure to meander around. Its on all year round and there are always asian food vendors to keep you topped up as well as the mandatory man selling 8 perfume bottles for a tenner.

I managed to make a belly dancing outfit for about £4 and we always visit the little Pet Shop (which incidentally is open every day on the desolate site…. How busy could they be?) The market springs up in old abandoned mills, so it’s a bit of a rabbit warren to navigate and it can get very busy in the car park – but there are attendants to help you get in and out.

Cannon Mills  actually sits on our list of things for visitors to do – along with Bolton Abbey, Haworth, The Bradford Industrial Museum and Saltaire. A friend of mine came up from London and purchased some trousers from the market – said trousers are constantly commented on by the “elite” of London and they were from “£5 Jeanman” (as we call him).

Cannon Mills extends its reach to the farthest counties of the land!


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  1. I’m also an incomer, (from the south in my case) and I feel the same way about people doing the place down the whole time… OK, so it’s not great for high-end shopping right now, but it has a lot going for it and to me, (having lived in both places) it has a much friendlier, cosier feel to it than leeds. I love it here and am proud that my children were born here.
    Anyway, thanks for blogging about cannon mills, I’ve often wondered about it as I drive past but have never ventured down… Perhaps I will now!

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