Dinky Review: Cathedral Chamber Music


I have never seen a piano trio or been to Bradford Cathedral before Friday.

The Smetana Piano Trio performs regularly throughout the Czech Republic with its international tours taking it across Europe and to the Far East but this weekend they were at the astonishingly beautiful Bradford Cathedral.

I had been taken by my Dad – who is a big classical fan and had taken me twice before to St George’s Hall. This was an altogether different experience. The chamber music (as the distinction was made to me) was on a much less grand scale – but was equally as moving and also soothing. Quite a few people were nodding off – but I suspect this is not as rude as you would think in such tranquil surroundings.

The trio played a selection of Beethoven and Smetana and an encore of Dvorjak and I really enjoyed it. The Cathedral is a truly lovely and calming venue and was fairly packed – although many of the tickets were sold on the door.

I did find the young boy moving the pages of the music on, a little strange. He looked more than a little like Justin Bieber and popped up like a marionette every few minutes.

Cups of tea and coffee with free biscuits…. much better than the £9 for 2 drinks that reigns supreme at the Alhambra!

Plus I love the Cathedral’s logo… very modern!


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