Sunday Morning Outing


I like a constitutional on a Sunday morning – but would usually pick somewhere other than the centre of Bradford. The new City Park however lured us into the centre this morning.

We ambled down through the beautiful Great Horton Park – sadly marred by tons of rubbish…. put more bins in please Bradford Council! But it was lovely and crisp and very quiet. I am always intrigued by the fossilised tree roots; the plaque has been long stolen by opportunitists…. Does anyone know what its significance is?

Then down Little Horton to the City Park past the scaffolded Odeon and yet more litter…. MORE BINS PLEASE BRADFORD COUNCIL!

The City Park was sadly not moist or fountainy – but still stunning and sunny and just well… pleasant. We had a breakfast in the Turls Green – amongst the  9.30am bitter-drinkers!.

Then we wandered back up Thornton Road past Lazer Zone…. distracted by the retro amazingness of Point Blank… then home in time for lunch!

Flashback to De Montfort Student's Union

A lovely languid Sunday morning….


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  1. Commenting mainly because I want to sign up for follow up notifications in case anyone can explain the tree root. I live on the edge of Horton Park and have always wondered. There’s a similar one in Lister Park too.

    • They can’t both be original though, can they? Certainly they look pretty concretey… Is one a copy of the other? Or are they both a copy of something else found somewhere else? Or are they just art? Are there more in any of Bradford’s other parks?

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