Crafty Creation: Ribbon-Bound Cards


I have been making cards for special occasions for a number of years now. I find it quite theraputic and also uch more personal and sepcial for the recipients.

I have a former coleague to thank for the idea as she donated a heap of craft items to me when she was clearing out her spare room.

Until recently, I would have prided myself on never forgetting a birthday – and then I forgot 3 in the space of a week. One of which was my sister…. ooops…. not good! I was distracted by my engagement and generally being quite self centred … the realisation that I had forgotten 3 people’s birthdays was not a fun one.

So this month, I am back on it and inspiration struck in the form of these little creations. They were born out of the fact that my packs of cards from HobbyCraft a few years back, had some random single sheets which were not folded. I kept hold of them for years and now they have finally been used.

I ALWAYS have ribbon hanging around and bits of lovely paper left over from other projects, so I developed these cards. The flamingo is my favourite, but the number card is a very easy one for kiddies.

Thinking about other things to make shapes out of and my mind is wandering to abandoned books…. watch this space!


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