What did we do Before Miss Pennys?


Great Horton Village has suffered since the arrival of the mammoth Tesco. Many of the local shops shut down, as did the local Yorkshire Bank, even the lighting shop “Ali Baba’s Lighting” which had been there for years closed down.

Now we can’t blame all the troubles of the world on Tesco, and there are some shops still open, but we are missing a coffee shop, little restaurant and book shop. … You can’t have everything in this world though – not when you have the awesome treasure trove that is Miss Pennys.

Originally part of a group of shops, this place now operates independently and is constantly busy with people who seem to even drive to the village to sample the wares. You would be forgiven for thinking that Miss Pennys was a £1 shop and it does have a number of items for a squid… but there are all sorts of things in there.

My Top 10 ever buys have been

  1. Mini Foil Star Cake Cases – £0.99
  2. Icing Gun with multiple head settings – £1.50
  3. Christmas-scented Glade candles – £1.50 for 2 (against £4 in Tesco)
  4. Super hot jalapenos in a jar -£1
  5. In pan Egg timer -£1
  6. Tea tree oil – £1
  7. Ped Egg – £1 (against £9 in wilkos)
  8. Bag of hen weekend goodies – £2
  9. Sparkly Gel Pens – 8 for £1 (against £2 each in The Range)
  10. Crackle Nail Polish – 2 for £1 (against £3 each in Boots)
What an eclectic mix of products! My boyfriend would argue a different list, most likely including bolt cutters, paint rollers and silicone (and other such manly items)

There are always random items from spray tan sets complete with airbrush gun, to perfume sets for £1 (rash included) and random books and DVD’s. Also broken biscuits, e-numbered sweeties and washing up liquid that doesn’t work very well.

It’s a Bradford Icon!


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