Dinky Thinks Theatre Review: Withering Looks


A random choice, but one that reaped many benefits – I spotted the Lip Service show ‘Withering Looks’ on at the Square Chapel in Halifax back around Christmas time and booked it nice and early.

The show was on 10 March at the fantastic Square Chapel, who always amaze me with their array of shows, music and performances…. but I hate to admit, I have only been there once!

I took a couple of literary fan friends – both of whom had recommended the book ‘A Dark Quartet’ which is a blend of fiction and fact about the Bronte sisters. This show was similar – although I suspect there was more fiction than fact.

Maggie Fox & Sue Ryding are the Artistic Directors and performers of Lip Service Theatre and the show is described by them as “An authentic insight into the lives and works of those three Bronte sisters (well, two of them actually, Anne’s just popped out for a cup of sugar). Who is the Brontes’ mysterious neighbour, Mr. Moorcock of Ravaged Heath House, and what does the maniacal laughter coming from his attic mean? Do unfulfilled souls really wander over the wild and heather-clad moors? Who should Cathy marry, Heathcliff or David Niven?”

We were introduced to the members of the National Institute for Bringing History to Life… society of NIBHLS for short. They were going to perform some of the key parts of the Bronte sisters lives – well Charlotte and Emily, Anne has popped out for sugar and the others are all dead.

With the sisters, long suffering and shroud-obsessed Nellie and some spectres from the moor – we were laughing our heads off throughout. It was a perfectly delightful and daft evening out. I would definitely see another of their shows.

Addendum: I clearly cannot take my drink as I managed to drop my plastic glass of house wine from a great height into the centre of our mini circle of friends – the wine subsequently erupted into the air like a geyser and soaked all three of us… the other two were not even drinking – but smelt of booze for the rest of the evening! Sorry Sophie and Ange! No one in the theatre bar batted an eyelid at this catastrophe!

More details at http://www.lip-service.net/home


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