Lotions and Potions (cackles evilly!)


I am having a bit of a 30s crisis…. well its not really a crisis; its great! I had decided that I have time to do courses and learn about things I enjoy and to spend more time being creative. I have booked in for a number of courses to develop my skills. The first is Lotions and Potions which I did this weekend in Leeds at the fabulous Fabrication.

Whilst backpacking, I could almost visualise a range of lovely smelly products inspired by the countries we were experiencing. This mostly stemmed from our driver in Rajasthan making me a traditional Indian facemask to deal with my terrible skin.

Back in the UK I was not sure where to start, but found on Twitter, reference to some courses being run in Leeds as part of a social enterprise called Fabrication. Fabrication supports micro craft and fashion businesses also teaches crafts skills in house and in the community.

The course was run in the current premises in the Merrion Centre behind Morrison’s and took place between 10.30am and 4.30pm. In attendance were only myself and one other, which meant we got a filled day of lotions and potions and a well filled bag of goodies at the end.

Course tutor Dawn Wood and the other girl on the course were also engaged to be married – so we had a really girlie day sharing all sorts of ideas and it felt like I was with mates, just having a giggle. In reality I had paid £45 for the day – which I felt was more than reasonable, it included tea (Yorkshire of course) served in delightful china and lemon fancies and cookies (yum!)

During the course of the day, we made all sorts of great smellies and learnt alot about the balance behind the ingredients. I had made the facemask in India which went a bit mouldy after a day or so – I had attributed this to the heat, but Dawn explained that it was because it had water in it and therefore needed a preservative (well whaddya know!)

Mixing some Potions

  • Ginger, Lemongrass and Coriander Bath Fizzes
  • Lemon Meringue and Sweet Fennel Shower Jelly
  • Nutmeg and Black Pepper Body Scrublets (I made the scrublets name up – because they are scrubby and small)
  • Kermit The Frog Body Butter (Chocolate and Green)
  • Lavender and Geranium Hand Cream
  • Cleopatra Bath Milk with Vanilla and Orange
  • Ginger Foot Balm

A bath in the milk then a moisturise with the Kermit – was made all the more lovely for knowing I had made it all myself! If you fancy a course at Fabrication go to www.fabric-ation.co.uk/


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