My First Ever Bettakultcha


I had a very limited understanding of what I would experience when I purchased my first tickets for Bettakultcha. I do love a good Powerpoint and I do love to find out about new subjects – and I think listening to someone who is passionate about something is a good use of time…. so I had high expectations for an evening which promised all the above.

The evening didn’t dissapoint at all. Bettakultcha @Life Online took place at the new exhibiton of the same name in the Media Museum in Bradford and saw an eclectic mix of people in the presenters and the audience…

Co-founder and presenter Richard Michie kicked things off with an explanation of Death by PowerPoint which laid out the rules

  • 20 slides
  • 15 seconds each

Then we were into the evening proper and it was a rollercoaster until the end. Although Richard had said that it wasn’t essential to be funny – most of the presenters were…. as was co-founder Ivor Tymchak who was compering the evening! Here are my highlights (including Twitter tags)

  • Issues with abbreviation by @Maft – I loved it mostly because I too cannot cope with people saying PIN Number (aaaaargh) and I was crying with laughter at how www. said out loud takes longer in syllables than actually saying world wide web!
  • Female Female Impersonator @Mystivalentine – How you would get to the point of being a female female impersonator and doing it whilst pregnant was not clear from the presentation – but the actions to “The Court of King Caractacus” were!
  • My Life in Cheese @verbalID – Any presentation with Cheese in, is a winner for me!
  • Random Slide Challenge with Susan Everett including witches dressed in Blue and a man with Blu-Tak on his nose

All that and free wine and jelly babies… I can’t wait for the next one!

Bettakultcha are leaving the ‘shire’ as well with their first event in Manchester – don’t miss it if you are Manchester-based. To find out more about Bettakultcha go to

Richard Michie also talks about setting up Bettakultcha here on Culture Vultures – 


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