Recycled Paper Gift Bags


I use the phrase recycled in this instance in terms of re-use. I have lots of wallpaper samples hanging around as we are trying to decide on how to decorate 2 rooms in the house.

I decided to make some gift bags – something I have attempted in the past with not much success. This time however, I found this ace, simple and quick video for making bags which I followed…

I did make a few adjustments though as follows:

1. An extra fold on the sides gives the bag its depth and makes sure it stands up

Put the ruler in line with the end of the bottom of the bag

Fold the bag over the ruler

Fold the central line inwards

Pinch the folds together and re-crease

2. I added hole enforcers to the holes for the handles and put beads at the end of the handles to keep them in place

Hole reinforcers added

3. For a bit more strength, I added a piece of thick cardboard into the bottom of the bad – just cut to shape and slip into the bottom

Et voila! Loads of lovely bags!


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