Than-Kew for a Soggy but Lovely Day


The Boy was stuck in London working for 3 weeks at The Tower, so I headed down recently to spend a weekend in the Big Smoke. I love visiting London, but I also love leaving it too. At the moment, it seems to cost about £17 each way with Grand Central from Leeds– so its very easy to get in and out…. Accommodation however is whole other can of worms! But this time round I had free digs so more money to spend on having fun!

One of my must visit places in London is the tranquil and lovely Kew Gardens. It’s a loooooooong tube ride out there from the centre, but getting off and walking through the lovely little village and then into the spectacular gardens is worth the time investment. The admission fee is pretty steep though at almost £15 … so plan to spend a full day there.

We picked about the rainiest day going, but still had a lovely time. We saw the Palm House, the random History House – complete with dinosaur noises and historical timelines and we climbed to the dizzy heights of the treetop walk. We also spent a heap of time in the Princess of Wales Conservatory which has different rooms with some stunning plants and a HUGE puffa fish!

Fantastic pies in the café too!

Other top spots – for the upcoming summer weather (fingers crossed) are:

  • A day in Greenwich– get the boat down the river and walk up to the fantastic Maritime Museum, mooch around the market and have a picnic in the park
  • Curry on Brick Lane– be ready to be hassled – but all they want to do is feed you up – so you can’t feel too hassled!
  • Portobello Road Market – secondhand finds, vintage treats and purple peppers! What’s not to love
  • Southbank and The Tate Modern – touristy and superbusy – but iconic and a great place to people watch.

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