It’s all about the Library


It’s World Book Night and I want to say this…. Libraries rock…. officially. I mean when I was a kid – they rocked pretty hard; it was a BIG treat in our house to head to our local library. I mean how could you not love this….

The very cute Brighouse Library (from

I used to race up the stairs to select my books and held my little pink laminated card so tightly it used to crease up! Now my taste in books have changed massively – I no longer love ‘choose your own adventure‘ books – but I still love libraries. After a bit of an absence, I have come back to them with a vengence and my oh my how things have changed.

The combination of the fact I have an Android phone and the astonishing progress made in libraries mean that I can get quite overexcited and well overstocked very easily. I can order any book I want from the collection and if they don’t have it, they will access it from another library in the UK or order a new copy for me for about 50 pence. Then when it does arrive (usually in no time at all) I get a text message saying it is there to be picked up! I KNOW – amazing! I do still have a browse in there as well and ask from recommendations from the staff.

But then you hear the disturbing news about closing libraries down – but they are still fighting hard.

Keep on borrowing – libraries refuse to die – from The Independent

Redesigning libraries for today’s climate and tomorrow’s needs – from The Guardian

Granted, my local library at Great Horton is not quite the hive of activity that the central library version is – but it is gorgeous (see below) and there are always local people in there using it…. without any regard for being quiet… but I am not sure that even matters anymore!

Great Horton Library (from another stunning building

A good friend of mine is John Dolan He is involved with Speak up for Libraries and CILIP he tells me of amazing things that libraries can do with communities and individuals, when they just think a little outside the box…. and they are doing; but they need people to use them. From the libraries in this country who don’t just lend books, but provide heritage, cultural and community services to the 24 hour information line ‘Enquire‘ where you can ask them anything and they shall seek it out for you  and if the UK staff are asleep – their American counterparts will help you (and vice versa for the American customers!)

So save our libraries – they are worth so much to our society and our future.

To see the list of books selected for world book night click here – I have only read 5 of them…. so guess what I am typing into my Android right now?


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