Baby Booties for Cuties


Alot of my friends have been having babies over the past year and I have been very excited about it. Combining that excitement with my new sewing machine and I had alot of projects on my hands.

The first thing I started on was baby shoes. I saw some ace material at Cannon Mills which I thought would be perfect for little shoes so looked for a pattern. The winner for me was this lovely patten from Heather Bailey Design for “Bitty Booties” – a patented pattern it is not for use for selling items on – but I was just making gifts, so it was perfect for me.

There were all sorts of different connotations of the booties which I tried and the possibilities are endless – just look at the Flickr group Heather has for ideas.

From Cute to ROCK!

The only problem I have had with the booties, is the material I have chosen to use is a little stiff and the booties are not that great for wearing. To be honest I always saw them as more of a commemorative and decorative thing – something to keep to remember the birth of the baby.

These are my most recent two for Baby Pearl and Baby Otto….

Purple for Pearl

Blue and Pink for Otto

I love adding the little buttons to them.

Now I have done my applique course – I might come up with some new ideas for gifts!


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