Baby Blankets from Donated Samples


I am lucky enough to have The Boy’s auntie who donates all sorts of material scraps to me . Earlier this year she gave me some great squares of sample wools which had come from someone in the trade. I looked at these and instantly thought of patchwork and there were alot of babies due to arrive this year, so I got started on some patchwork blankets.

My first attempt was not really accurately measured and was sewn by hand so was wonky to say the least! This one I have retained as a record. I then moved things up a notch and got the squares the same size – which didn’t work so well in practice because some of the material was very stretchy and some very stiff… so there was an element of matching up to be done.

The results of this version are below – some of the scraps were trimmings from a skirt which I took up – so this is truly a recycled blanket!

As you can see from the image above; I made a little pillow cover as well.

Each blanket was backed with some soft suede and filled with some wadding – which made them better as floor mats really.

Here is baby Pearl on her version which was even straighter than the preceeding two.

And now I am expecting, I will be going for blanket number 4 – and hoping to have learned valuable lessons to make this one the best of all!


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