I Heart Norfolk


I officially love Norfolk! It crept up on me with no warning whatsoever and now I feel I must return…

We had agreed to help out a friend with a very random mission earlier this year. He had commissioned a very large painting by a local artist which was quirkily painted on both sides – one landscape and one portrait. Andy builds mounts for the Royal Armouries and other museums and agreed to make a mount which would hold said painting in place without be obtrusive…. And allow the painting to be changed over with minimal fuss.

Said friend also needed transportation to get the painting from Norfolk to Bournville, and we have a rather handy Delilah Van, so we agreed to be couriers as well.

Our Delilah Van

We had planned to combine this with a week’s holiday in the area in Norfolk, but mini music festivals and impending parenthood got in the way, so we only headed to Norfolk for the day and evening.

We stayed in the gorgeous and somewhat sleepy village of Blakeney, on the North Norfolk coast – a place where our friend spends a week every Christmas in a cute little cottage. He booked us into the White Horse which purported to be “buzzing”. Now buzzing it wasn’t, but very nicely done out and with a lovely roll top bath and top notch breakfast it was… a nice place to spend an evening and have a meal.

I should have gone for a pregnancy friendly fish and veg dish – but simply had to have beef and oyster suet pudding – which I could nowhere near finish….

mmm suet

But enough about the food 🙂 The artist who completed the work invited us graciously into his workshop to see the picture and other works. Terry works on local landscapes in oil and is about to launch a new exhibition in the area entitled Borders…. Including a huge 5 part painting of a ship. He and his wife were lovely and welcoming and we had macaroons from the delightful local deli.

The artist signing his work

After the work was done, we wandered down to the front where the boats and moored and you can take a full walk along to the bays either side of Blakeney…. But not something for me and my pelvic girdle at the moment 😦

So we headed back along the coast to Wells-next-the-sea, with a stop off in Stiffkey (pronounced Stuckey, we were informed) to check out the Stiffkey Local Stores… just about the cutest little place I have ever visit. The couple who run the stores have got it just right in terms of kitsch and cute. There is a large kitchen table around which you can drink milky coffee and eat homemade cakes, whilst perusing craft books and general loveliness. They also run the provisions store and the post office, which serve a vital purpose in the village, and you can sit outside in clement weather and enjoy the courtyard.

Lovely things on the shelves

Cute cups and great coffee

The lovely courtyard at Stiffkey Stores

We made it out with our purses intact, but I did buy this totally adorable book called Everything Alice – which might come in useful for wedding preparations for our afternoon tea.

The cutest book….

So in Wells-next-the-sea, we were traumatised to discover that we were about to miss the annual Pirate festival.


The whole place was buzzing with the preparations and I personally would have loved to have stayed for the Car ‘Booty’ which was taking place on the Sunday! We contented ourselves with a wander to the harbour, mooching in some shops and munching on some cockles before heading back on the road to Bournville to complete the random mission….

Local Pirates enjoying their fish and chips!

To cut a long story short – amidst a wall made of Kryptonite which ruined 5 drill bits, the painting was mounted! And looks fab…


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  1. Ah you should have also visited Burnham Market which is like stepping back in time with all the traditional shops you’d expect to see – a greengrocers, butchers, post office, etc – http://www.burnhammarket.co.uk/

    Also Birchham Windmill which is still a working windmill & tea room – http://www.birchamwindmill.co.uk/

    Then there’s some estate who just collects everything from the smallest of things to jet engines – I think it’s at Fakenham.

    Another trip maybe?

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