How to have a ‘Pleasantfest’


We had a bit of a gathering in 2007 for The Boy’s birthday… we had a BBQ, some music and some laughs and lots of fun. So the next year we decided to do it again, jokingly christened is Pleasantfest – in reference to our address – and invited a few extra people.

By 2008, we had posters and said that people didn’t have to perform but were encouraged to!

Pleasantfest 2008 complete with marquee stage

In 2009 we had to put a guestlist together to see how many people were coming – we live in a small terraced house with a small garden so really couldn’t fit everyone in if there were too many.

Face painting at Pleasantfest 2009

The new stage in 2009

The merchandise is ready!

In 2010, we had a logo and merchandise and about 60 people arriving and things were getting serious. Wow was that a great year. It was a send off for us about to go out of the country for 8 months, so I think that made it even more special – plus it was my 30th Birthday and my uncle’s 60th.

Belly Dancing Divas in 2010

Crowding the stage in 2010

We had face painting and games and decked out the workshop as a ‘Rock Garden’ complete with plants, projections and free spirits. A friend and I also belly-danced which was very popular and a friend who is an OBE did a reading of Roaldh Dahl which and made the performances even more eclectic. One festival goer came as a fawn and his horns were passed around in a surreal chain of events… hilarious.


Back from our travels in 2011, anticipation was high and another busy year happened, with us raising money for charity, opening a VIP area and introducing a highly popular dressing up box and our own comedy band performance with original songs.

The Giant Pork Pie for 2011

The new VIP for 2011

Friends got up and did a number of performances, including one from a famous rock band and another couple on guitar and violin who were great.

On the Main stage

Phew – so where are we up to? Year 6. Pleasantfest 2012 was a bit smaller than usual, due to various babies being born and people being busy… plus quite a few people who had to cancel at the last minute which was a bit disappointing – but we still had fun and the new Rock Garden outside was very popular – especially for heavily pregnant me, who spent much of the time chilling on the cushions!

Our comedy band on the main stage in 2012

We are a bit crazy organising this every year and it does take some organising and spending. We were up at 6.00am this year on the Saturday as were working full time around it… then we over-catered with 40+jacket potatoes…. And had little time to rehearse our songs – but we think everyone had fun.

Cakes with guitar toppings from 2012

And next year – there is no ~Pleasantfest – because we will be preoccupied with ‘Weddingfest’ instead!

We rely on friends getting up to perform and for people to bring their own drinks and some cakes to share and want to say thank you to everyone.

We didn’t raise much money for charity this year, because I didn’t hammer the microphone with announcements, but we had a great chilled festival vibe… and the toilet(s) is always clean 🙂


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