As I was going to St Ives….


“Have you ever been to St Ives, its fantastic” – I wax lyrical to my hairdresser. He looks at me like I am crazy, because in fact, it was he who told me about St Ives in Bradford…. and pregnancy seems to have diminished my memory somewhat!

Lovely Woodland at St Ives

I am glad he did tell me about St Ives, because we had such a lovely time there. We headed there after our annual music festival at the end of the summer to stretch our legs and get some fresh air and both were in abundant supply.

St Ives was the former estate of the Farrand family and covers 550 acres. The grounds are vast and include a coppice pond, woods, adventure playground and golf course. We seemed to find trails all over the place with almost too many options for walks.

Crazy Wood Sculptures

We walked a fairly manageable trail through Betty’s Woods and the Coppice Pond and saw lots of wildlife, chainsaw sculptures and views of the surrounding area.

The Coppice Pond

I will definitely be back when the baby arrives to have a walk around and it is open all year round.

More details are at

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