Happy New 2013


New Beginnings was my first blog in 2012 and I had hoped to blog again this year to mark the date… but I have been somewhat occupied…. With this little bundle!


So my New Year blog comes to you in the middle of February.

What a difference a year makes! I started 2012, engaged to my wonderful boyfriend and ready for a fantastic year. I start 2013 with a gorgeous son who was born on Christmas Day (and I didn’t think The Boy could top the engagement ring I got last year) and a wedding to plan for September. Yes 2013 is going to be fantastic…. And it will probably fly by!

Being a mummy is everything I thought it would be and also nothing I thought it would be. The first 6 weeks have been an absolute whirlwind, but we are starting to get to know each other a little better. Chiplet is a gorgeous little boy, who has started smiling and gurgling and breaking my heart with how fast he is developing. He doesn’t like sleeping, loves feeding and seems to know when I decide to have a lie down on the couch to catch 40 winks! His hair has only developed on the sides so he resembles Bruce Willis, but with a calmer temperament!

I think blogging about motherhood instead of crafting, food and tourism will take a bit of getting used to….. but here’s to the next chapter of Dinky Thinks!

Hope you still enjoy reading!




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  1. Congratulations….and welcome to motherhood! The most difficult but most rewarding role ever….love the new blog topic.

    Oh and my son is nearly 18 months and still doesn’t like sleeping! #) zzzzzzzzz

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