Food vs Fuel


When I first got together with The Boy… we had a difference of opinion about food. In my family, food is the be all and end all…. the jam to our donut, the salt to our vinegar. In his family, food is simply fuel. This led to many a discussion about meals… he would happily have cheese on toast for dinner and lunch and the only thing in his house was cheese, oven chips and pot noodles. I on the other hand, did not consider these items to be a substantial or satisfying meal… rather a last resort!


Me with my favourite thing… a pile of seafood!

All we do in my family is talk about food, eating out, food bargains, cooking…. it can get a bit tiresome I guess to an outsider, but The Boy is now well and truly in our gang…. something of a conossieur and willing to try lots of new things after being subjected to everything from my terrible baking, to the cuisines of all the countries we visited on our world tour (see here for an example!)

Since Baby A’s arrival, there have been some significant changes to food in our house.

1. New Chef – The Boy has had to do alot more in the kitchen, whipping up all sorts of meals, the best of which was a delicious rump steak and mushroom creamy pasta sauce thingy the other night.

2. Speed – The speed at which we eat is much faster…. get it down you whilst the baby is asleep.

3. Bills – Shopping is more expensive – not because Baby A needs anything specific (he is breast feeding), but because I don’t have time to  shop around for the best prices.

4. Deliveries – We have some amazing friends and family. My brother was here for baby A’s first week and cooked, cleaned and shopped for us. Grampy delivers regular homemade soups and other friends have been round and cooked for us whilst we were in the new parent fug!

5. Cuisine – alot less homemade curries and alot more quiche, pies, slow cooker meals and pizza

Now we are up to 10 weeks with Baby A, I feel like I have a bit more time to get cooking….. looking back through my old blog posts, I had attemped to start a series of Sunday Soups and did quite a few recipe posts….so it’s time to get back in that kitchen!


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