Things we made for Chiplet


What lovely things our little boy has been given.

Letters from Mummy… a result of my taking a class earlier in the year – when he was just a twinkle in my eye!


Curtains and cushions from Aunty Liz. We decided on birds and animals as a theme and Ikea provided this ace fabric, so we asked sewing ace Aunty Liz to make the curtains and cushions.


She went one further though and made this fantastic changing basket, using leftover bits of material… it is very useful to have a mini portable changing kit.


Albie bronze name from Daddy…welded from bronze


“Peabert” from Aunty Anna…made from her little girl’s old clothing and named as a merge of Albert and Pearl… Albie LOVES Peabert


I made booties and blankets for my best friends’ babies… but nothing yet for Albie… I will have to make it up to him, but at the moment finding time to do anything project based is a bit of a struggle…. I have faith though in finding the time!

What have you made for your babies?


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  1. I cant think of anything … does building a house count? Hubby’s aunt is making some solid bronze’s of his hands and feet, they aren’t finished yet but I cant wait to see them. My mum knitted some winter woollies which he hasn’t been able to wear yet because its been so hot. I should really get started on painting his room! Currently am too busy trying to the million other things that go into finishing off the house

  2. I love homemade gifts they seem so much more personal and special. I made my little Jelly Bean a crocheted pram blanket and cross stitch pictures for his nursery but i am quite tempted to make a peabert too, if i could just find the time!! 😉

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