Is Sophie Over-rated?


I have to ask myself whether Sophie Le Giraffe is the most overrated toy ever?

She was touted as the must have toy for our ‘chiplet’ before the bump (christened Chiplet) became A. Some people were not keen on spending £15 on a squeaky giraffe, but one of my friends was keen to buy us something and we were in Hebden Bridge when I spotted Sophie in their cute shop ‘The Old Treehouse‘ (well worth a look in if you are in the area).

So off I trundled home, very pregnant and pleased that I had the must have item for my new baby. Apparently Sophie is the perfect colour, shape and material for babies to fall in love with and she is a great teething tool later on.

A…. is not so sure. When he first met her, he was very excited, but now greets her with something a little less than disdain….

Albie et Sophie

A et Sophie

The lady at the local children’s centre asked if it was from the poundshop and was in shock on discovering her price! My friend’s dog thought it was a toy for him and I had to hide it away. The Boy hopes that A will never like Sophie since she has a very annoying squeak!

Sophie gets around…. everyone seems to have one…. from a lovely fellow blogger featuring on the fantastic ‘Whats in Your Change Bag’ feature on Make Do and Push to popping up in the film 3 Men and a Baby.

So who has a Sophie and is she an essential item in your parenting arsenal?


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  1. I keep hearing about Sophie and how she is a ‘must have’, to be honest, I’m not convinced. I don’t plan on buying one, but I would be interested to hear of any other Mum’s out there that think it is an essential item and their own reasons why.

  2. We bought them for our boy/girl twins. Girl totally loved squeaking it which made the boy howl with tears added. We had to break the squeak in both because that was more upsetting than the teething, They were then never played with again. My opinion; over-rated.

  3. We got my 7 month old his Sophie when I was still pregnant, in fact I think if was the very first toy we bought him! My 3yr old nephew had one as a baby and he was obsessed with it. My Toby’s Sophie comes everywhere with us, he could live without if of course but he loves to hear it squeak! Our Labrador does have a tendency to think it’s hers though! 🙂

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