Baby Talk


Something strange has happened in our house since the arrival of Baby A…. we have developed some new vocabulary… which makes no sense whatsoever.

Why does having a baby reduce you to strange words which seem to appear from nowhere?

  • Hicky bobs – hiccups… a funny word anyway and surely not necessary to be made even more strange?
  • Pandy roos – hands…. these are Baby A’s favourite thing to put in his mouth at the moment, especially when I need to get him dressed
  • Kicky Joe – used in a sentence “ooo you are a kicky joe this morning”… I mean what the hell am i on about?
  • Napnap – nappies…. lets have a look at your napnap
  • Nakey Noo…. Baby A’s favourite way to be

What are you on about Mum?

The funny thing is, we speak to him in normal vocabulary usually, as I know how important it is to help him learn… but don’t even get me started on all the songs we make up for him….

“Are you a cheese and onion pasty? Are you a beef and onion pie…. I’m neither, I’m a sausage roll…” Yes we are going slightly insane in this house!

What crazy words or songs have you made up?


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  1. Awesome! It’s all about “windy pops” and “oh Grumbles, you are such a Grumble-Bea” (like a Bumble-bee but grumpy) in this house x

  2. I make up little songs as I go throughout the day, for getting him dressed, eating etc. I’m always telling my OH to just ‘sing something’ to him when he’s being fussy but apparently that’s only a skill I have!! Look at those eyes!! Adorable 🙂

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