Tripping with a Baby


I was nervous about our first overseas trip with the little one. We probably wouldn’t have gone when he was so young, but my uncle passed away last year and we were heading to scatter his ashes in his favourite spot.

The last time I did the trip I was 4 months pregnant and it was tough on me emotionally and physically, I went via the Eurostar and we decided to board the train as we would have more time for my family to enjoy Baby A and we could move around more and watch the world go by.

Baby A had at least double the amount of luggage we did… I just didn’t know what to pack for him so I packed loads of clothes, blankets, toys and equipment. I found myself short on clean clothes once we got there!

The Eurostar and TGV through France kept Baby A amused and the motion seemed to calm him and he managed to get some power naps in… It was bedtime I was worried about, but we followed the usual routine of getting him cleaned up and into his sleepy clothes and he went off to sleep on our laps.

In Marseille, we stayed right by the train station in the Adagio Access St Charles – which was so handy when arriving late at night. They provided us with a great brand new travel cot and the apartment was well equipped and clean. There is a bus station right nearby and the tram runs from not far away.

Marseille is a sprawling metropolis with some fantastic architecture and a swanky harbour. We have spent many a holiday in the city and its environs so here are my top tips.

Calanque de Sormiou

Calanque de Sormiou

  1. The Calanques – a series of inlets boasting gorgeous azure ocean and beaches
  2. Boat Trip – choose from a trip around the Calanques or even out to the famous Chateau D’If – the inspiration for The Count of Monte Cristo
  3. Callelongue – the end of the road out of the city – some great walks and views out over small islands and inlets – plus a posh restaurant (La Grotte)for lunch of dinner
  4. Palais Longchamp – built to  celebrate the construction of the canal – this is a stunning monument with a cooling fountain and its own park. It also houses an art museum.
  5. Notre Dame De La Gard – the imposing cathedral which sits atop a hill overlooking the port – you can take a bus up if its too hot to walk
  6. Chateau De La Buzine – a refurbished castle in the heart of Pagnol country – well worth a visit for the grounds, cafe and onsite cinema showing a range of films from various time periods.
  7. Cassis – a pretty little harbour with some great ice-cream shops to choose from.


Baby A enjoyed munching on his previous unloved Sophie Le Giraffe…. definitely in keeping with the trip!


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