Bowie… my first crush


Swoon, sigh, faint… I just spent 2 hours in the company of my first ever celebrity crush. He towered before me on 15 foot screens and sang out to me from every corner of the room…. I saw him in his underwear and he winked at me as well. Woop I hear you say!  Sadly… this was all in the company of hundreds of other people at the David Bowie Is… exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

When we were kids, we were allowed to take it in turns to pick a video out at the random newsagents where the video shop resided. Children of the 80’s… you will remember these places… the racks of videos and the disappointment when the one you wanted had the red ‘on loan’ tab attached to it.

Some of my childhood faves could be found in the shop, including anything with Fred Savage (He of wonder years and latterly ‘moley, moley, moley in Austin Powers, fame) in it, anything with Michael J Fox in it and the one deliciously delightfully menacing, large package toting movie featuring David Bowie. The Labyrinth was (and still is) my favourite film.

If you don’t know the story, here is the general gist

  • Girl has step brother
  • Girl resents step brother
  • Girl wishes the goblins would take step brother away… It happens
  • David Bowie is the Goblin King and she has to defeat him
  • This all takes place in a huge labyrinth
  • Jim Henson did the puppets
  • David Bowie did the soundtrack
  • Jennifer Connolly is Sarah (or Sare Wah as Ludo the giant ginger monster pronounces it!)

I just loved his singing and his hair and his costumes and the way he loved Sarah, but was really quite mean to her at the same time. I wanted to dance with him to the strange 80’s music and wear Sarah’s AMAZING waistcoat (perhaps not the loafers – bit boyish).

If I am totally honest, I never knew much else about David Bowie and especially not much about his music, until I met The Boy. I wouldn’t say he is a massive fan, but like any reasonably cool bloke, he had some of his albums. I love Bowie’s music now, the range of his styles, the randomness of the lyrics, the theatre of his performance and his costumes.

I even made Baby A watch the Labyrinth with me when he was about 9 weeks old… you won’t be surprised to hear that he didn’t stay awake! Not sure I will play it to him again until he is older… the Fiery creatures who take their heads off scared the bejesus out of me until I was at least 15!


You have to go and see the exhibition if you get the chance – although the pre-bookable tickets online are sold out. There is also a cinema event being streamed from the exhibition on August 13 if you can’t make it to London.

You can find out more about the exhibition here Please tell me there are more Goblin King lovers out there… or do I have a very weird first celeb crush?


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  1. love Bowie And I love the labyrinth! used to have a massive poster of the film when I was a student! You know the video shop was an experience indeed. I sort of wish they were still around…

  2. Those red firey things freak me out still… Even though I know they’re done by Danny John Jules of Cat from Red Dwarf fame! Labyrinth is one of the greatest films of all time x

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