Desperately Seeking Mojito


I found this picture on Pintrest this week

It looks pretty and makes me fancy a Mojito for sure… but it looks like a lot of effort to go to and does it actually improve the drink? Well all I know is that we have Mojito planned as the reception drink for our wedding later this year and we are going to ask to taste test it first. I reckon a Mojito should have coarse brown sugar, crushed ice and tip top rum in it.

Whilst I was in London for BritMums Live, The Boy and I headed to Del Aziz in Bermondsey, London for a date whilst my brother babysat Baby A. Choosing from the menu was a nightmare – I wanted to eat everything! We went in the end for the set menu, which for me consisted of chicken livers, garlic mushrooms, Moroccan spiced chicken and a slice of chocolate tart to take home. We got chatting to the v friendly staff about our wedding and the cocktail we had planned for the wedding, we even sampled their version.

The worst mojito I ever had was in a premixed bottle from the supermarket and the best…. might just have been the one from Del Aziz in Bermondsey at the weekend… our wedding venue has a lot to live up to now!


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