Finally Some Sunshine for my Winter Baby


Chiplet was born on Christmas Day and it was pretty blummin grey and cold and then we got the crazy snow… which made us all cosy in our little house. This all meant that he didn’t see much sun at the start of his life.

I was a summer baby myself and I love the Summer (although Autumn is my favourite season) but I think having him in the Winter means that for this beautiful weather, I now have a very active, busy and excited (almost) 7 month old, to enjoy the weather with. As you can see from the photos, he is loving the sunshine. We had our first picnic recently which he loved, he went in his paddling pool, which he loved and gets to play out on the lawn, which he loves.

Finally Some Sunshine

He has inherited my very pale skin though, so has a life of factor 50 ahead of him.

Hope you are all enjoying the sun too 🙂


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