Breeding a Bookworm



I LOVE reading…. it has got to be my biggest passion. When we discovered we were having a boy (when he came out on Christmas Day!) I had resigned myself to the fact that he might be less likely to have the same passion. Someone had told me that boys are not as into books as girls and that they don’t sleep as well.

The sleeping is still up for discussion, but as far as I can see, Baby A LOVES books too!

We started reading him old fairytales when he was tiny and feeding, then moved onto a cloth book called Big Rex. His eyes lit up everytime he saw it, even if he wasn’t coordinated enough to turn the pages.

We moved onto a book called Chick Cheep Cheep, which features  a chick going on an adventure with various animals in the jungle. We do the voices for each animal, including a parrot squawking and Baby A gets very excited indeed! He can turn the pages and likes to shut the book at which point I say “The End”.

The most recent additions to his library include Beatrix Potter’s full collection – which was a lovely gift from a friend and he also has some sound books – The Wheels on the Bus and Humpty Dumpty.

I really hope I can cultivate a love of books for him; they were just an amazing hobby for me as a child and have ensured that my love has continued into adulthood.

What do you read together as a family? Do you read more with your babies than you did as a child yourself?


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  1. Aww he looks so intense! I’m another bookworm so our house is heaving with books, and stories are the mainstay of our day. Kelle over at Maggie Stone is doing a what we’re reading linky at the moment if you fancy joining in.

  2. We’ve got that Wheels on the Bus book with the teddies as well!! I think those things about boys are myths. My boy sleeps and reads! In fact, I can hear him reading to himself at the moment while he is meant to be napping. 🙂 I love the Julia Donaldson lift the flap books, like Rabbit’s Nap and Fox’s Socks. But I can’t wait for him to be old enough for chapter books so we can read all my childhood favourites.

    • Baby A just worked out he can push the blue button on the Bus book – he is thrilled by it!
      Not sure I have a great sleeper – but he has slept through the last two nights … which makes such a difference to my energy levels and mood! I will look out for the flap books – although suspect he will pull them off!

  3. My 20 month old son also reads and sleeps, and he loves both. I also love both, so I hope he will be like me too. Looks like you’re onto a winner there, keep up the good work of reading to him, it is so important! Love the pic so cute!

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