Winning at Weaning


From the start of Baby A’s life I was very excited about giving him food. I am somewhat of a food obsessive, driving my partner to absolute distraction with my constant thinking about the next meal! The Boy thinks of food as fuel, whereas I just adore cooking, eating and putting meals together.

I did decide to start weaning Baby A a little early at 20 weeks. He was still having a lot of breastfeeds and at this stage it was just tasting things like porridge and pureed carrot. He loved trying things and his little face was almost thoughtful at the new tastes he was experiencing.

It was not very long before he was having a couple of ‘meals’ a day alongside his breastfeeds and it was such fun trying different flavours, blueberry, apple, butternut squash and that baby catnip of sweet potato!

I do regret a little doing the weaning  early as it seemed to block him up a little – but perhaps that would have happened anyway if I had waited a little longer.

He was into feeding himself very quickly with the spoon, but it was a while until he was interested in finger food. God it is messy now he has his hands on everything. He loves rice cakes, toast with puree spread on it, cooked apple and omelette and is really wanting to eat what he sees us eating.

I always thought I would go for baby led weaning after 6 months, but the reality of parenting is trusting your instincts and going with the flow – so puree and finger food mix it was! Now I want to give him exactly what we are having, but am still a bit nervous about giving him a handful of yoghurt, spag bol or anything else squishy… its a good job we don’t have carpets!

As you can see from the pictures below – he is really enjoying weaning!

Weaning 2


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  1. Totally right, I think, always trust your instincts! I did baby-led weaning with both mine, but with my daughter I added some purees as she just seemed so very hungry and was getting frustrated with chasing slippery bits of pear around the high chair tray. I did let her use the spoon herself though, as she clearly wanted to be in control.

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