My Super Secret Hen Weekend


Mostly what happened on the Hen Weekend stays on the Hen Weekend, but my bridesmaids did such a fantastic job of organising every last detail in secret, that I had to share in a photo montage stylee. Usually I m a little controlling about details, but I let them get on with it with zero input and it was a fabulously close knit, slightly rude, relaxing weekend with lots of food, bubbles and cheese…. oh and some tribal olympics!

Hen Weekend

1. The elaborate hair style one of my bridesmaids whipped up in about 2 minutes – maybe she should do my wedding hair!

2. The Hen Book, full is stories from my Hens… most of which will NEVER see the light of day!

3. The heart stones for me and The Boy to keep with us the night before the wedding

4. A homemade garter for my something new

5. Stickers for the bottom of our shoes saying ‘I Do’ and ‘Me Too’

6. Very embarrassing bunting

7. The rain on the Friday was torrential!

8. The ‘P’ Picnic… you might be able to guess the ‘P’

9. My tribal ‘Big Chief’ headdress and neon face paints



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