Wedding Ready



I am getting married in 2.5 weeks! eeeeeeeek. That has come around very very quickly, but having a baby does tend to take up quite a lot of time and energy.

So my preparations are in full swing and fall into either how things look or how things run.

We were very organised early on so the venues and arrangements are pretty much sorted. We have picked the readings, music, performances, food and drink and we know what we are wearing.

Much of our time is now being taken up with making projects – we have lots of quirky little ideas to make our day special and unique  – all of which will be revealed after the day! Jam jars, reclaimed steel, material scraps and buttons all feature heavily!

The other big challenge I have now is getting MYSELF wedding ready! I must admit I don’t feel fantastic about myself at the moment – physically and emotionally. Stopping breastfeeding, still not sleeping well and not having lost quite as much weight as I hoped have all combined to make me feel a little flat.

However I have started a regime which involves some new beauty products and as much water as I can  get into my system.

I went to the fantastic Alexandra House Spa (you can read more about a previous visit here) and had a divine aromatherapy facial with Eve Taylor products. Although I had every intention of going back for another facial before the wedding, I had an inkling that there would be no time! So I am glad I got the products to try at home.

I am using the balancing range and have the cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream and have seen a massive improvement in my skin straight away…. One of my lovely bridesmaids is doing my make up and she gave me the hard word about looking after my skin before the big day – so hopefully I will toe the line!

What else do I need to think about then peeps in terms of beauty regime and stuff on the day?


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