Wedding Dress Shopping Post Baby


When I got engaged at Christmas 2011 I was very excited… obviously! Once we had told everyone, thought about what sort of ceremony we would like and where we might get married, my mind turned to the inevitable dress question. I have always wanted to get married, but wouldn’t say that I have day dreamed about what I might wear – but suddenly I was faced with the endless options for dresses.

I knew straight off what sort of material I wanted and I also knew that I wanted to go second-hand – hoping that I would get more for my money that way. I had over 20 months to look around so I figured I would easily find something secondhand. My first port of call was The Wedding Mill in Shipley Saltaire where I tried on a few different dresses and liked a couple – I was pretty sure that I was a flexible bride and happy to entertain various different styles – plus the ones in the shop were well within my budget – bonus!

I was then convinced by one of my friends to visit The White Closet in Didsbury, a totally different experience in a beautiful shop with attentive and expert assistants, lovely Earl Grey tea and the most astonishing changing mirror. Now this is a shop with no price tags so I knew it was a dangerous sport to play and sure enough, I picked the most expensive dress in the shop (well actually my niece picked it out for me) and all of a sudden I was in love with a dress I couldn’t entertain spending money on…. I moped for about a month and looked for it secondhand and then…. I fell pregnant!

Things like a wedding dress are suddenly not quite a priority when one is “in the family way”

I forgot all about the dress .. obviously… until Chiplet was a good 5 months old; then I headed to a dress shop with 2 of my other bridesmaids. This time we visited Miss Bush Bridal in Ripley and had another lovely experience. They let me pick out as many dresses as I liked and to try them at my leisure, with 2 bridesmaids and 3 babies in tow. I loved a dress but it was much more than I wanted to spend. I ended up buying a secondhand dress from a shop in Sandhurst which I drove back to Yorkshire with… the whole way back I daydreamed about the other dress from Miss Bush and by the time I got home I had decided to get it.

Can you believe it was 25% cheaper in Yorkshire?!? Its pays to shop around, but I will probably still have to sell it on to be honest.

So you would think once the dress was purchased, the stress would be over?


Not when you bought a dress whilst breastfeeding still and carrying baby weight… because 4 weeks before the wedding when you go for your fitting, the dress won’t fit you and neither will the bra you purchased earlier that year…… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

I actually didn’t think was that bothered about how I looked. Obviously with 120 people looking at you, you want to look ok, but to be honest I have felt flat about my appearance since giving birth. I remember looking in the mirror after Chiplet was born and barely recognising the person staring back at me. It wasn’t because I felt fat, or thin, or tired or anything like that (although yes I looked knackered and somehow felt small and insignificant) – I just looked unrecognisable and I think I have only just got to know myself again and NOW everyone is going to look at me and notice me and I guess I care more than I thought.

I have one more dress fitting on Thursday and am hoping everything looks good and that on the day I feel like a gorgeous girl….because with the dress and my hairdressing woes and the honeymoon hotel closing their restaurant and trying to force us into leaving the hotel or having a hamper….. things are starting to mount up a little….

Did anyone else not recognise themselves post baby? Anyone else shopped for a special dress and been in a different body shape situation when the moment came?


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  1. I was the opposite, I bought my dress pre-kids then fell pregnant and had to squeeze my 5 month pregnant ass into a non-maternity dress! Luckily it was a style that looked OK pregnant and we managed it with a few adjustments at the fittings. Was a bit of a stress though and I was scared I would look awful.

    I got stressed in the run up about every little thing but when it gets to the day I promise you’ll feel great and you just stop caring if every little detail is perfect and enjoy the moment.

    On the whole mirror after kids thing… I see myself in the mirror sometimes and think ‘holy crap you look haggard.’ I must have an image in my head of a bright eyed 18 year old so when I see in the mirror the mum body and the massive black bags under my eyes seem it seems to constantly surprise me!!

    L x

    • You did well… At 5 months I looked v pregnant! I think my stress levels are ok…not too much to worry about. On the dress I just didn’t expect my boobs to disappear so quickly post breast feeding…. I also wonder if I have chosen a dress for my pre baby body really…

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