Chiplet Sleepover


Ok…Stressy Mummy has returned.

Chiplet is spending his first night away from home without us. He is off to his Grandparents and I am FREAKING out.

Here in no particular order are the things I am freaking out about:

1. His Travel Cot – he hates it and has never had a good night’s sleep in it

2. Him waking up and not going back to sleep thus traumatising the Grandparents

3. Him not eating anything and/or refusing his bottle

4. Him being scared and not knowing where he is in their spare room

5. Him being upset when we don’t come back to pick him up as usual

6. Me not sleeping or waking up worried and unable to check on him (I will be a number of miles away)

I am supposed to be enjoying a day and night at a spa and not sure I am going to embrace it unless I can get past this…


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