Dear Diary


My diary was my lifeline when Baby A was first born. I must admit to not pouring out everything that was going on with me in those early months here on the blog…. I went through some serious anxiety and used my written diary to deal with that.


When I was younger I kept a diary fastidiously, it helped after my mum died and I used her old work diary to make notes in. One thing I really regret was ripping up a teenage diary once it was filled. I felt re-reading it at the time that there were secrets far too precious for anyone to read and knowing that I got to read my Mum’s innermost thoughts after she died actually made me scared that someone would do the same with my outpourings. To be fair, there was a fair amount of incriminating stuff in that teenage diary (winks) so its probably for the best!

The next time I picked up my pen (metaphorically speaking) was when The Boy and I travelled the world in 2010/2011. I keep a written track of our route and thoughts and also jointly blogged at – there is something amazing about being able to write down unbelievable experiences and re-read them and it got me thinking about writing my own blog – a so dinkythinks was born!

I picked up my written diary the other day and I had written just one entry in the past 2 months, to say that things had been hectic! I wanted to keep track of Baby A and myself in the diary to look back on it in years to come, just like I have with the diary my Mother kept of my first year. The problem is, I am having way too much fun now and I forget to write things down. I must find 5 minutes though as I fear I will regret not having a few notes on these ‘blink and you’ll miss them’ months.

With everything leading up to our wedding on Saturday and then a subsequent house move (fingers crossed) shortly afterwards, I would love to be able to look back and read about how I was feeling and what was happening. 

Did you keep a diary (other than a blog) and do you still keep up with it?


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