Chester Zoo Zoo Zoo


We went to the Zoo Zoo Zoo and it was great!

The Zoo

It was really for The Boy’s birthday, but as it was Baby A’s first trip there too…. it was pretty exciting on all levels. We chose a particularly grey and soggy day so the Zoo was really quiet, apart from a few school groups, and we got to see pretty much everything we wanted to.

I have memories of Chester Zoo from various points throughout my life and a rather fantastic picture of me posting near a Gorilla, which I couldn’t blummin find to post on here. Baby A seemed to love the Ape house, partly because we let him do some crawling on the dry floor and partly because he more than resembled the baby spider monkey we saw in there!

We had lunch there which sadly was a little underwhelming, burgers slightly warm and underdone and some very strange relish did not set my tastebuds alight. I also forgot the other candle digit for The Boy’s birthday cupcakes – so he turned 3 this year!

We loved the Big Bugs exhibition which we only just caught as I think it finishes soon and we found out how to make an insect hotel in our garden out of an old pallet. My favourite animal was the Giant Otter…. I was not quite sure if they were cute or terrifying – probably both to be honest – Baby A was entranced by being able to see the otter under the water swimming about.

He was pretty excited about the fish tanks – not massively exotic – but quite mesmerising when you are (almost) 9 months old! He also couldn’t quite work out Sophie Le Giraffe vs the real Giraffes – who didn’t seem to like her squeak very much!

We were about to leave when we realised that we had missed the baby Cheetah cubs and almost didn’t bother walking back to see them. I am so glad we did, they came right up to the glass in the Yurt viewing platform which sits next to their enclosure and they were just adorable.

Chester Zoo is still a fantastic day out in my opinion!


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