A Wonderful Wedding Day



I bet everyone has a wonderful wedding day… well I would hope so anyway!

Our was supersonic, fantastic, lovely and all together too fast!

We made a lot of our own things, table centres were re-used jam jars with material scraps, string and old buttons, my bouquets were button bouquets, we made blackboard signs and colouring crayon pots.


We had a TukTuk as our wedding transport, which doubled up as entertainment in the day. We had face painting , lawn games, a comedy club and a folk band. We even squeezed in our own impromptu performance. There was hokey cokey, speeches on the stairs, children asleep in corridoors and an almighty fry up in the morning.

I could wax lyrical about it for hours, but I will let the piccies do the talking.


Dinky x


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    • Thank you *blushes*

      We sang a couple of our own comedy songs from our strange band Tornado Potato… There is a video on FB but I cannot work out how to share it… probably for the best! hahaha xx

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