Couch to 5K – Week 1: Squirrel Scattering


One of the ways to battle general down in the dumps-ness is exercise. This is a fact well documented and promoted by everyone from mental health specialists, to GP’s.

I have done little exercise in the past year and half. I haven’t been a couch potato, but I have been a little slower that I would have been previously. I was belly dancing, doing pilates, playing squash with The Boy and occasionally running, but then I got pregnant and slowed down.

After Baby A was born, I slowly got back into a bit of walking, then some weekly swimming sessions and then Mummy and Baby Pilates (which I blogged about here) That all seemed to stop at the start of the summer… I blame the wedding!

But the other day, I got one of those emails from the NHS about the age of my baby (I also got one from Baby Centre and Bounty at the same time) Now I don’t know about you, but I sometimes read those emails. I have noticed some really useful posts, but an equal amount of posts that make me worry about things (see many earlier posts about my predisposition to worry!)

This time though, the couch to 5k story caught my eye. I had been thinking about starting up some running to get some of my own time back, start listening to music I like, drop a few pounds and just blast away the cobwebs. I downloaded the first week and the lovely Laura talked me through my first run.

Week 1 consisted of a brisk warm up walk, followed by 60 second blasts of running with 90 seconds of walking. I was out of puff but it felt so good to be out and running. I found the music on the podcast really uplifting as well.

I ran around my local park and scattered squirrels in every direction each time I broke into a (semi-fast) jog. I also saw loads of mushrooms (must go back and pick those later) and a number of teenagers smooching in the afternoon sunshine. All in all it was quite enjoyable, although I suspect week 2 may be a little harder.

My big problem though is my running attire. Do loose fitting maternity leggings coupled with christmas socks and a baggy t-shirt topped off with a skull and crossbones buff make for a professional look? I know you wish I had a picture to post… instead you will have to settle for one of me enjoying a rare bike ride – I have very bad bike balance so vetoed that as a fitness option!


If you want to try the program: You can download the podcasts here


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