What We Are Reading: October


This is a new idea for a regular (ish) feature here on Dinky Thinks.

I LOVE to read and finally seem to have got the power of concentration back (9.5 months into Motherhood!) Baby A loves books too…. they get him sitting still and sucking his thumb in concentration.

So here are our current reads.


I have just finished The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. Not my usual genre, but I really enjoyed it. I almost forgot that I was reading historical goings on, because the story was so embellished with naughtiness and sauciness. I never enjoyed history in school and found it hard to engage, but found myself more interested in the history of the Boleyns after finishing this book.

I have now moved onto Chocolat, having read its follow up The Lollypop Shoes first (never let it be said that I do things in the right order). I had the pleasure of meeting Joanne Harris at a fantastic Meet The Author event in Huddersfield last year. At the time i had just read Blueeyed Boy, which was AMAZING and I didn’t think any other book by Harris could top it. Well this doesn’t so far, although I am loving it and it makes me want to drink hot chocolate with crazy things like chilli in it.

Baby A is well into his Incy Wincy Spider book which came in our Parragon goody bag from Britmums Live.. any book which has an accompanying song is a winner.  He is also loving Me… which was given to us in our Bookstart pack by the Health Visitor who came for A’s last check up, its all about a little penguin… very cute indeed.



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