Toys Seem Futile


Baby A is almost 10 months old and he is,, as the phrase goes ‘Into everything’.

Everything, apart from toys.

At various stages of his life so far, he has fixated on a specific toy, but not really at all for the last few months. He would much rather play with anything but toys. Now this in itself does not worry me. He is inquisitive, excitable and thrilled by all sort of different things and is a happy little boy. He does sometime play with toys for a short time, but soon loses interest.

What i am thinking about, is whether I am not offering him the ‘right’ toys…. there probably is no ‘right’ but there might be something that would encourage him even further… so any ideas lovely people?

This is a selection of what he is presented with to play with.


1. Music instrument table

2.  Push along train

3. Building blocks

4. Mummy’s reading light

5. Bottle of risotto grains

Today at a Stay and Play session he went for the noisy toys… so I was thinking more homemade shakey things maybe? All suggestions are welcome 🙂

Dinky x


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