Chiplet’s Christmas Conundrum



Chiplet was born at 1.21am on Christmas Day. It made for an extremely special Christmas Day last year and one that we will have to try and top this year.

We were never really into Christmas Wish Lists in our family, but I have not really bought alot of stuff for Chiplet since his birth as we were so lucky to get everything from prams and car seats to clothes and bedding… all secondhand.

I want to get him some shiny new things for his Birthday and Christmas, things that I love and I know he will love…. so I have been doing some (computer) window shopping and here is my wishlist…. so far ūüôā

  1. FIsher Price Record Player –¬†Alex and Alexa¬†A blast from my past; I wonder if the tunes are still the same!
  2. Scramble Bug – These look great for early walkers – not that he is QUITE there yet!
  3. Rexy Fun Doodles –¬†Clarks¬†My Dad is called Rex, so these are just too cute to pass up
  4. Transport Sound Puzzle –¬†Not on The High Street¬†Chiplet loves sounds and I think he would find this so much fun
  5. Freddy The Frog Book – We need more books in our lives, especially ones you can use in the bath
  6. Out of This World Tights РSlugs and Snails So cute
  7. Soldier Play Set –¬†Boden¬†I love the design, its a bit’ Nutcracker’-esque
  8. Baby Lit Alice In Wonderland – One of my favourite childhood books, this is accessable for Chiplet at his young age
  9. Vliac Trike –¬†Alex and Alexa –¬†This is just gorgeous and has a shapesorter which is another item on my list
  10. Penguin Bib –¬†Funky Giraffe –¬†No outfit is complete without one of these bibs and I love this festive design
  11. Oeuf Polar Bear Boots –¬†Alex and Alexa –¬†Good Lord these are cute
  12. Pirate Ship Stacker –¬†Spotty Green Frog¬†




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