Mummies’ Movie Club


I really miss going to the cinema. It’s something I used to do on the spur of the moment on my own. I live in Bradford, which is the country’s first city of film. I bet you didn’t know but Bradford is the world’s first UNESCO City of Film. This permanent title bestows international recognition on Bradford as a world centre for film because of the city’s rich film heritage, its inspirational movie locations and its many celebrations of the moving image through the city’s annual film festivals. By 2020 Bradford will be the place to enjoy film, learn through and about film, make film and visit because of film – find out more at

Bradford is home to the National Media Museum, a fantastic free museum that has multiple floors of amazing media exhibitions, a rolling programme of temporary exhibitions, an IMAX cinema and the amazing Pictureville Cinema.

Bradford hosts the Bradford Animation Festival each November which I have on good authority is fantastic – last year they screened Coraline (an amazing film) on a big screen in City Park – I think we were on our Babymoon at the seaside so we missed it I actually went to the Bradford International Film Festival one year and saw Amazing Grace – with a very young Benedict Cumberbatch introducing the film

Trying to drag myself into this next phase of my life with some things that are ‘just for me’ is proving to be lots of fun…. apparently I need to find time to do some things I enjoyed before and haven’t done for a while… and so ‘Mummies’ Movie Club’ is born.


I have invited some of my closest friends to join me once a month to go a see a film… whatever film is on that day at the Media Museum. There are 3 screens so there will be a choice, but to be honest, I am happy to go with whatever is on really. I am looking forward to having a night out and seeing a film and hopefully my friends’ too – but if noone is free on the date; I am going to go anyway!

I will review the movie each month and post it on here, in fact I might even say which movie it is so if you fancy going to see it as well – then you can link up.



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