Couch to 5k – Week 3: Sweet Smelling Air


Well I have just completed the third run in Week 3 of my Couch to 5k campaign and I feel great…. ready for a glass of celebratory wine (undoes all the good work slowly!)

Run 1 ended with me only just managing to recover as the track finished. The next track on my MP3 was Rehab by Amy Winehouse… very apt considering the boozy honeymoon I have just been on! Running through all the fallen leaves in the park made me feel all cosy inside… despite the runny nose and cold bottom.

Run 2 felt like it was going to be HARD,  I was convinced I must be going slower, but because I do exactly the same route each week I knew I was making more ground because I made it to a whole further set of trees in the park!

Run 3 was in the much colder weather and I had to wear my rather fetching and slightly threatening-looking Buff. (see below)… I love Buff’s they saved my 10 months of bad hair days when I was backpacking.  As before, by run 3, the bad, made for purpose music had started to grate on me, but no matter; because Week 4 beckons… more than likely with a whole host of new bad songs to run to!


Gaarrr me hearties, I likes to run I do


3 weeks down, 6 to go… I think I might have timed this a bit wrong with Christmas coming up



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