The Box – really is more fun than its contents


A few weeks ago, i posted about ‘Toys are Futile’ as Chiplet seemed uninterested in toys, plumping instead for items that are dangerous (wires), adult (smartphones) or off limits (log burners).

We went to pick up our Cosatto Moova car seat today – a bit of a mini disaster (more on that another time) and the box really amused Chiplet for ages. He went in and out of it, picked up the flaps, pushes his car through it and cruised around it.


So maybe I should rethink Chiplet’s Christmas Wishlist to empty boxes and bags!


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  1. Boxes are awesome, it’s true! Or how about one of those crawl through tunnels? My parents gave Kitty one for her first birthday and it’s still a favourite!

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