Day Out Review – The Forbidden Corner



We had the most fantastic day out at the weekend and I don’t really know where to start to review it as it was so strange and wonderful.

The Forbidden Corner in Middleham Yorkshire is described as the strangest place in the world; I am not sure whether it can lay claim to that as I went to some pretty strange places in India, but it is certainly very curious and unique.

Built as a private folly, it was opened to the public instead and has been delighting families for almost 20 years. It is located the Yorkshire Dales National Park and is worth a visit on its own or as a longer visit to this stunning part of the country.

We went as a group of 3 big kids and one Chiplet and spent 3 hours there. I can’t really say too much without ruining it, but if you love fantasy, gorgeous scenery, weirdness and Alice in Wonderland or The Labyrinth, then you are in luck.

My favourite part was how unexpected every twist and turn was… Chiplet looked a little bewildered by it all and slept like a log afterwards… bit of a sensory overload … in a good way!

The Forbidden Corner is open on Sundays only in the winter and was pretty busy when we were there. You can book online ahead of the day or over the phone on the day.

I did not recieve any free tickets for The Forbidden Corner and all opinions are my own.


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