Mummies’ Movie Club – November



The first meeting of Mummies’ Movie Club was to see Gravity 3D at the fantastic Media Museum in Bradford. I won’t pretend that I am an accomplished film critic and I don’t want to give any spoilers, so here is my short review and score out of 10.

When I walked out of the cinema, I felt like I had gone through an intense experience and to be honest I felt a little sick. My brother saw the film earlier in the week and he said to sleep on it before attempting to unpick it… so I did. I certainly cannot deny that Gravity is an incredible film. I could not possibly have sat further back in my seat in my attempt to get away from the screen (my friend to my left incidentally was leaning so far forward, she nearly fell over the seat in front). This film never lets up for a minute and you are literally tensing your entire body all the way through. Quite near the start, you spend some time in Sandra Bullocks spacesuit with her and trying to get rid of the dizzy feeling took me a long time. I have never seen anything like this film and as a first Mummies Movie club… it was a great choice.

9/10 – with most points coming from the amazing soundtrack, visual effects and un-missabilty… Go see this on a BIG screen.

If you have seen Gravity – tell me what you thought of it below

December film choices are: The Hobbit, Nebraska and Saving Mr Banks – going to the vote this week but I am hoping it will be Nebraska as I think it looks quirky and it is described a tragicomic… who knew that was a genre?



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