Wardrobe Crisis


I hate deciding what to wear. I can’t say I was much into it before I became a Mum, but now I have gone even further down the echelons of stylish society!

One of my best friends runs a very stylish business reselling pre loved designer items (check her out at http://manordrive.co.uk/ ) and she helped me have a clear out at the start of the year. 5 bin bags full of clothes that we decided were either for someone much younger or much older than me – in there was a jacket bought when I was 21 that I never really liked but for some reason kept hold of!

Now I have somewhat of a capsule wardrobe and accessory collection, but I think I am missing a few bits and pieces – perhaps a bit more colour in tops and I really need a couple of skirts.


I have quite a few smart pieces for work… ah the dreaded W word. I returned to work a month ago after almost a year off. I am lucky enough to work in a smart casual office, so sometimes I might wear a suit, but others I can wear as dress and tights and boots…. you see my technique at the moment is to focus on the outfits and the enormity of returning to work might seem less daunting!

Anyway; do you buy more or less clothes since having your family? 


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  1. Definitely fewer! I think I need to have a bit of a sort out too – there are so many things that are just unlikely to ever fit me again, it might be time to let them go!

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