The Shift


Something has shifted.

I am not sure how, or when… but I feel really good!

I am totally and utterly exhausted. I took way too much on this year. I am back at work which is hard, I miss my little boy, who I also am exasperated with when he has a tantrum, worrying that he is going to be a nightmare toddler. I am constantly amazed by his development and forceful little personality and I cannot BELIEVE that he is going to be 1 in just under 2 weeks.

My wedding ring and engagement ring are causing an allergic reaction which means that I either have a rash or don’t wear my rings… but I am happy

We bought a house and it turned out to need ALOT more work than we thought… but when we move in – its going to be great.

The house we are still living in looks like a tip/DIY shop/dirty pile/chinese laundry/craphole… but you know what…. we are safe and warm

I go to bed at 9.00pm latest and my husband barely sleeps for thinking about tasks on the new house… but we are happy.

There were times this year that I thought I wouldn’t feel the same happy again – a weird statement to make when I have such a gorgeous child and have married the man of my dreams; but life is never straightforward and my mind was not in a good place. We also lost some precious people in the past 12 months and its been rough. At times I have felt like I was being dealt one of these…



But you know what… Now I feel good… the shift happened and I barely even noticed it.






p.s If you have never tried to do a ‘shaky face punch’ photo shot… do it… its amazing fun! 


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